Mitie is the natural choice for grounds maintenance and winter services to the hospitality sector in the UK. This is because we understand the importance of the customer experience for the success of your establishments, as well as your expectation of excellence in service delivery and relationship with your landscaping and gritting contractors.

We have built systems which let you monitor our performance site by site or over your full portfolio, while offering a solid consistency in our service delivery across the country. You can also grade our service levels by the type of property in your portfolio so you benefit from our horticultural skills for your most prestigious properties while using our simpler grounds maintenance services for properties with lower needs. In all cases, you will enjoy clean tidy and well maintained grounds all year round.

When it comes to winter, the very same people who look after your grounds from spring to autumn operate our fleet of gritting vehicles to keep your business moving and your people safe. Our people’s knowledge of your grounds means a better service, backed up by the industry’s most sophisticated (and user friendly) cloud based reporting system in the market.

You’re in charge of your customers’ good times and we want to make sure we support you along the way.

Grounds Maintenance

Our grounds maintenance team works hard to keep your grounds looking great. With a heritage stretching back over forty years, Mitie has the experience to deliver a tailored service for you.

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Interior Plants

We offer a range of interior plants which can be rented or purchased. We are cost effective and we can design, install and maintain plant displays throughout your sites. In addition we offer fresh cut flowers and Christmas trees.

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Winter Services

When the weather turns icy, you have a legal duty to ensure safe access to your building for both your employees and visitors. We are the UK's leading supplier of winter gritting services to the business community, which is available nationwide.

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