Utilising the industry leading weather forecast system along with our advanced communication and IT systems we are able to offer a top quality and reliable 24/7 snow clearance service. We understand how important it is that you have peace of mind when bad weather hits. We pride ourselves on keeping your business moving throughout the winter months.

Mitie Landscapes has a team of over 700 full-time winter maintenance operatives across England who are deployed via a network of sub-regional depots. Technology such as our satellite tracking system enables us to proactively plan our delivery programme with real time monitoring of our teams and a suitable support system that can help us to react and adapt to the unforeseen or service issues.


Our Winter Maintenance service is driven by daily Met Office “Open Site” weather forecasts. This industry standard forecast gives a Red/Orange/Yellow/Green (ROYG) risk of ice which takes into account not only temperature but a range of other environmental factors which can influence road state.  We’ll share this forecast with you through our on-line portal you so you can see, for yourself, what the weather will bring.


We use the right tools for the job; which are fast, agile, efficient, economical and kinder to the environment. Our fleet of around 250 specially equipped vehicles are ready to respond at a moment’s notice.


As snow clearing activity progresses, our people use their PDAs to report real-time on their progress.

Each visit is signed off electronically as it is completed automatically recording the date, time and their physical location. All of our vehicles are satellite tracked throughout the process so that we can locate our people (for safety and operational reasons) and record their position, in real time and historically, on-site in the event of a subsequent enquiry.

Our online client portal allows you to obtain real-time alerts and data on gritting forecasts and service updates via any internet enabled device with a web browser. The portal provides more detailed information via the use of visual evidence concerning gritting issues, including their location.


10 / 10

“The fact that I feel confident that they are doing what they say they are doing – it means it’s one less thing for me to think about.”



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